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Maths Wiz
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“Tutorwiz is very good, well planned lessons with plenty of support on line and by telephone… I like the fact that you get sent weekly reports and theres plenty of support for you (the parent) too.
Thank you Simon and Mr ravel (the tutor) for working with myself and my grandchild”

-Sheila V

“Both of my daughters (aged 5&7) have been using tutorwiz during lockdown and it’s been an absolute godsend! They are learning through the work set out on a weekly basis by the tutor, they’re always on hand to help and give us weekly feedback on how the girls are getting on, they take note of what needs improvement and what they find easy and adjust their learning from there for the next week, we think it’s great value for money and the kids love the incentives too! “

-Michelle S

“We are so happy with this program! Our 10yr old has severe ADHD and Anxiety and we have struggled for years with homework. Homework efforts would result in tears and frustration but now we have a child who actively engages in his online lessons and celebrates his achievements. He is gaining confidence and is starting to catch up to his year level. We cant wait to see what the future holds and to see him reach his potential.”

-Nick K

Includes your child’s free Maths Doctor report

After the assessment, you will receive a complete report detailing the gaps in your child’s education knowledge from early primary to today – not just for their year level. (Very important now because of COVID Lockdown). You will discover areas that could be preventing your child excelling in class or just how far ahead they are.

The Brick Wall Report

Learning is like building a brick wall – every year gets harder and to achieve top marks, the student needs to have a strong understanding of the past school years education.

This example shows this child has a complete understanding of the topics up to Year 4. In Year 5 knowledge gaps start to appear and get bigger thereafter.

Year Level Achieved

This graph shows what year level the student has competently achieved. In the example below it shows the child is competent up to a Year 5 level.

Knowledge Gaps

In addition to reporting the “overall” understanding of the curriculum – we will list the actual topics we have identified for learning and revision – otherwise referred to as “knowledge gaps”. This report forms the basis of the personalised learning programs we create for each child.

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