Struggling? Doing OK? High Achiever?
We help your children improve their grades, whatever their abilities.

Combines online learning with live tutor support

Step 1:
Student Assessment
We assess your child to find out what they know and do not know.
Step 2:
Personalised Learning
Every week we create an online lesson plan especially for your child.
Step 3:
Tutor Support
You and your child can just pick up the phone and get support from a tutor.
Step 4:
Rewards & Motivation
Earn points as you learn. Cash in for real rewards such as movie tickets.

Tutorwiz® online courses – your virtual learning classroom

Increased confidence and understanding.

Children learn at their own pace.

Better marks at school.

Instant feedback for every question.

More engaging and fun than other learning.

Concepts that can take up to two weeks in the classroom, can be learnt in just 20 minutes.

There are incentives, competitions and prizes for all students.

Courses are structured according to the UK’s Primary and Secondary curriculum, Key Stages 1-4

Why we get results

Learning is like building a brick wall – with strong foundations and the right support, every child can learn how to do Maths and English. Unfortunately, larger classrooms mean that most children do not get the support they need, resulting in “knowledge gaps” that are rarely resolved. These gaps can become even wider as they go through school.


The driving force behind Tutorwiz’s Maths and Englishwiz® tuition and tutoring programmes is to close that knowledge gap and improve grades.

When your child starts with Tutorwiz, we do an assessment to identify any knowledge gaps holding your child back from reaching their potential. Whether maths, English or both, our online tutors, with the help of the programme, will then create a lesson plan especially for your child,  targetting those gaps. Every question comes with instant feedback and support, helping them to learn the right way straight away.


Every Monday, your child will be given a new lesson plan for the week, so they always know what to do next. You never have to guess. It’s just like having your own personal homework help!


Also every Monday, you, as the parent, will receive an in-depth and detailed progress report for the previous weeks work completed by your child. These reports offer more than the typical cut and paste school reports.

You’ll notice your child’s confidence growing as they eventually catch up with their school classwork, too. Once we have consolidated what is being taught in class, your child should start to progress ahead of the class. It’s that easy with Tutorwiz! 

This is all backed up with the support of our full-time tutors based at our “Tutorwiz Tutor Centre”. If your child is ever stuck and needs a little extra, give us a quick call. If you want a better understanding of how your child is “really” doing and need to discuss your child’s progress, please get in touch.

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