About the Tutorwiz Education Online Programme

What price do you as a parent put on your child’s education? If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. Ignorance costs more. (Anon)


The concept of Tutorwiz stems from a successful Australian online programme developed back in the mid-1980s, called Kinetic Education. It was created by a British husband and wife team whose own child was having difficulties learning Maths.


Mary, an experienced maths teacher, and editor, teamed up with her husband Bharat, a Maths graduate and computer programmer. Together, they wrote some simple programmes to help their son with his mathematics and were astounded by how quickly their son picked up the concepts from using the computer.


These days, the Tutorwiz online education programmes help thousands of students across the world.

The lesson design and teaching pedagogy were developed in consultation with teachers, principals, university lectures, educational experts and psychologists as well as studying the results and feedback from students. They identified that children were able to get even better results when given direction, rewards and tutor support.


Our team of professional full-time tutors and educators help students to achieve their full potential. Naturally, Tutorwiz in the UK has its own dedicated tutors who are experts in the UK curriculum.

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Learning with Maths and Englishwiz is structured and multi-sensory.

The Maths programme teaches your child how to “think” maths. helping them gain confidence with their school work. Our friendly tutors, who are only a free phone call away, closely monitor your child’s progress. providing advice and support so that you can be confident that your child is on the right track.


A child’s educational journey starts from a very early age and each school year is like a layer of bricks. A new year, a new layer. But along the way, bricks may be missing which causes a gap in their education. Tutorwiz identifies where these gaps are and have designed and launched packages to fill the gaps and have your child back on course. Tutorwiz has designed packages for home-schooling, children with learning difficulties and excluded children.

Our Mission

Dedicated to providing the highest quality of literacy and numeracy products, making them accessible to all school age children, so that they can have better career choices and an improved quality of life.

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