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One of the key elements of Tutorwiz’s Maths and Englishwiz programme, is that it is an aid for home-schooling. A central part of all home-schooling programmes is the system must centre around your child. You set their learning pace, there is no competitive element, and maths needs more time than English, so be it.


Using Tutorwiz as part of the home-schooling package, contributes to parents creating a timetable that allows children to feel there is a structure to their day, whilst offering flexibility. Home-schooling can take place anywhere, and as Tutorwiz is a computer-based online interactive programme, so can Tutorwiz.


An example of this is when the “Smith Family” moved to another area but did not want their children to join a new school or wait for a place in the next school year. Instead, they home-schooled their children using Tutorwiz to support their development.


If you decide to home-school your child, you don’t have to follow formal rules about how you teach or when you teach. In some ways, home education is a continuation of the teaching that every pre-school child receives. But from the age of five education is a legal requirement, so if you choose to home educate after this age you need to plan extremely carefully, and that means using the correct tools. Tutorwiz complements home-schooling as it has digitalised the UK curriculum, making it familiar to every UK child.


Why home-school, and what can you as a parent do? In some cases, a child may start off in school but need to be taken out and educated at home. The reasons for this vary; a child may have special needs or be unhappy at school in some way. Sometimes parents feel that the methods of teaching in school aren’t right for their child and that they can provide a better education for them at home. Using the Tutorwiz Maths and English programmes supports the child at home.

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Extract from The Guardian, 3rd November 2018


“The home-schooling movement emerged in the 1970’s, when it was considered a fringe pursuit. Today, it is probably the fastest growing form of education in the UK”….. “Many parents who opt to home-school their children say they are avoiding bullying, exam pressure, and stress. Others have concerns about special educational needs, not getting a place at the school of their choice, or the school environment”….. “Changes in technology have made it easier to teach out of the classroom, and methods range from the traditional approach of textbooks, study schedules, grades, and tests to… [electronic programmes].”…. “Some parents do the teaching; others subcontract it to experts.”


Many parents these days use programmes, study centres or home tutoring services. The last two are not cheap and can cost up to £14,000+ a year!


Tutorwiz’s Maths and Englishwiz are used as part of your child’s home-schooling, It is a convenient online tutorial programme with live tutor support. It combines the UK curriculum with interactive fun, it is oratory, animated, it offers the parents detailed weekly progress reports, it designs weekly lesson plans for the student with tests and each and every student that is enrolled into one of the programmes will be award points which can be traded in for High Street vouchers. It is an effective learning system and affordable choice for home-schooling.


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