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Tutorwiz for Schools

(School Partnership Programme)

Our Maths, Englishwiz and Maths Doctor programmes are available to all schools across the UK. We understand that not all schools have the budgets or infrastructure and/or resources to implement eLearning programmes. That is why we have developed our Schools Partnership Programme to allow a limited number of students per school to have the opportunity to use the Maths and Englishwiz programmes at a discounted rate to the school itself. The schools are provided with free sessions for teachers so that they can have a greater appreciation of the programmes and how to use this valuable resource.


The Schools Partnership Programme includes:
Discounted access to Maths and Englishwiz per student for agreed year levels
Free access for the students during school hours (agreed year levels)
A limited number of Maths Doctor Assessments
Free technical support and assistance with set-up

What do we ask in return?
Essentially, the benefit to us is “awareness”. We understand that from time to time teachers are approached by parents regarding their educational needs. By having our programmes in your school, if any parents were to ask about our programmes, your teachers will be in a better position to give advice to the family.


Furthermore, as part of the Partnership Programme, we request that your school provide information to parents about this initiative and our tuition programmes. This information could be included in your termly newsletter, or letters to parents.


If you are a staff member of a school, or a parent who would think that the Tutorwiz Schools programme would benefit your school and would like to find out more about the Schools Partnership programme, please email or call the admissions and office freephone number on 0800 181 4221. Please include in the email subject line “Schools Programme – Information”

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