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The Best Online Primary School Tutoring: Primary Maths & English Tutor Support

Tutorwiz are pleased to offer online primary school tutoring for children throughout the UK! Whether your child is in Key Stage 1 and requires extra help with their maths studies or is in Key Stage 2 and wants to prepare ahead of their upcoming SATs or Eleven Plus (11+) exams. Regardless of your child’s ability, Tutorwiz’s team of primary tutors are here to help your children thrive in their primary education!


With years of experience providing tutoring for primary students, Tutorwiz knows exactly what is required to help your children excel in their studies at primary school. Education experts have created our primary tuition platform in line with the UK’s National Curriculum so that you can be sure all of the topics your child will be working on through Tutorwiz are the exact same topics they are studying at school. Moreover, our primary school tutors are always on hand to help your children whenever they get stuck! One-to-one, private tutor support is only a phone call away, making Tutorwiz the ultimate option for online primary tutoring!

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Tutorwiz’s online tutoring for primary school students is the perfect option for students in KS1 or KS2 looking to improve in both their Maths & English studies. Working with students of all ages and abilities, Tutorwiz is a hybrid programme combining the best online primary tutoring materials with real-life tutor support (from ex-school teachers) whenever required. Our dedicated team of primary school tutors are on hand whenever your child gets stuck or needs further instruction on any topics they are studying.


Perfect for primary-school-aged students in Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 or Year 6, our primary tuition programme has all of the resources needed to help any student of primary age. We can also support special education needs (SEN) students in their primary school studies too.


One major benefit of online primary school tutoring with Tutorwiz is our incentives and rewards program. It is proven that by incentivising children’s studies, they can see real-life value in their education, helping students learn more effectively and progress quickly. That’s why we reward students for their studies. Primary students enrolled in the Tutorwiz programme will collect points for completed activities, courses, and lessons. Points can be collected and redeemed against high street vouchers and other fun prizes and competitions. That’s just one of the reasons our primary school tutoring proves so effective.

    The Tutorwiz programme comprises various online English and maths resources, including fun and interactive games, workbooks, quizzes, lessons, classes, activities, and more. Tutorwiz isn’t just like any other online learning website. We combine all the best bits from online learning with virtual home tuition to create the ultimate online learning platform.


    You may be thinking: “Online tutoring can’t be nearly as effective or as good as finding an in-person primary school tutor near me”, but the reality is that the Tutorwiz programme is just as effective, if not more so, than in-person private tuition. The remote nature of Tutorwiz’s primary tuition programme means that students don’t have any of the stress or anxiety many face with home tutors or in-person study centres. All of your child’s primary tutoring takes place from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else you have an internet connection), enabling your child to improve in their English and maths online at a time and place that suits them.

    Our Online Primary School Tuition Platform Includes:

    Maths Tutors & Tuition

    Our online primary school tutoring programme includes hours of mathematics resources to help your child succeed! Covering topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, timetables, percentages, and so much more, the Tutorwiz platform helps your child improve in their maths at home! A primary maths tutor is always on hand to support your child exactly when needed, and regular feedback and progress reports mean that your child is always staying on track in their maths studies!

    English Tutors & Tuition

    Through Tutorwiz, your child can access phone and whiteboard-screenshare support from a dedicated 1-to-1 primary English tutor who can guide your child whenever they get stuck on a topic. Our primary school English tuition includes topics such as reading, writing, comprehension, grammar, spelling, phonics and more! What’s more, we can support pupils in their exam revision too, helping to prepare them for exams such as the 11 Plus, Key Stage One SATs or Key Stage Two SATs.

    Tutorwiz’s mission is to ensure every child excels in their primary education through online primary tutoring. Our team of 1-2-1 primary tutors has the expertise to ensure your child goes from strength to strength in their studies! We have helped numerous children through our tutoring for primary students and want to help many more.


    To find out more about Tutorwiz’s online primary school tutoring programme or to enquire about how exactly Tutorwiz can support your child in their studies, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can get in touch by using our contact form, calling us on 0800 181 4221, or emailing us at Alternatively, why not request a FREE Primary School Education Assessment for your child to identify any knowledge gaps they may have, not just for their current year level but for previous school years too. Through your child’s free assessment, we will identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop a primary tuition learning plan to help get your child on track and excel in their education! Thousands of parents already trust Tutorwiz with their child’s primary school tutoring! But don’t just take our word for it! Please look at what some of our previous happy customers have to say!

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    Tutorwiz is the online tutoring website that helps kids to learn online, no matter their age or ability. Whether they’re preparing for exams such as SATs, The 11+, GCSEs or IGCSEs, or simply need an extra helping hand outside of the classroom, whatever your requirements discover Tutorwiz’s online maths and English tutoring platform today…

    Tutorwiz is the online tutoring website that helps kids to learn online, no matter their age or ability. Whether they’re preparing for exams such as SATs, The 11+, GCSEs or IGCSEs, or simply need an extra helping hand outside of the classroom, whatever your requirements discover Tutorwiz’s online maths and English tutoring platform today…

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