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Are Your Children Keeping Up With Their Schoolwork This Lockdown? | Tutorwiz
Are Your Children Keeping Up With Their Schoolwork This Lockdown? | Tutorwiz

Are Your Children Keeping Up With Their Schoolwork This Lockdown?

Are Your Children Keeping Up With Their Schoolwork This Lockdown?

The last year has been a real struggle for parents and children alike! Whether juggling home-working with your new role as home-teacher, or just the simple fact that you haven’t socialised with those outside of your household for a while now, the Coronavirus lockdown has been a challenge for us all.

With GCSEs and other examinations to be cancelled for the second year in a row, young students have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic in particular. Their education and schoolwork has been interrupted by national lockdowns and school closures, and it has been a real challenge for some children to keep up with their school work remotely.

These interruptions to our children’s education will have a severe impact on the rest of their lives, so it is vital to ensure education continuity as much as possible. Throughout the below article, we will look into how schools are providing students with their school work this lockdown and what you can do if you feel your child is not keeping up with their schoolwork!

Has Your School Been Setting Enough Work?

First of all, has your child’s school been setting enough work for your child? One of the overwhelming comments we hear from parents is that schools’ remote education provisions (both private and state schools) are insufficient. Children are running out of work, going back over topics that have already been taught, or just aren’t getting the individual support they need! While we can understand the pressure teachers are under, there is simply no excuse to neglect education continuity during the pandemic, and that’s why it may be worth looking into additional provisions.

In the first instance, you should explain your concerns around a lack of home-based schoolwork with your child’s teacher and other school staff. In most circumstances, they will make an effort to accommodate your child and set extra work or more appropriate work if necessary. However, if you are looking to get the most out of home learning for your child, then there are other options.

A programme such as Tutorwiz’s maths and Englishwiz programme creates unique and individual lesson plans for every one of their students’ so that you can be confident your child is always receiving the most appropriate help possible. What’s more, lesson plans are reviewed and updated every week to ensure your child is still receiving the most targeted support for them. There’s also no concern that your child will run out of work or activities, with our vast catalogue of tasks, games, quizzes and more. Finally, individual tutor support is only ever a phone call away for when your child inevitably gets stuck or doesn’t understand something.

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Is Your Child Setup To Study From Home?

We have all heard about the struggles of students not having sufficient equipment (tablets, laptops etc.) to receive their education from home, particularly families on low incomes. We have also seen the government try to address this by purchasing devices that schools can distribute to students and families.

To make the most out of your online studies, it is essential to have a device which can access the internet, and ideally one device per child. If this is not something you currently have or can afford; then you will most likely be eligible to use a device provided by your child’s school.

Suppose your child’s school is unable to help for whatever reasons then worry not, as there are also plenty of charities and donors out there who can provide you with a device. In the first instance, contact your school who can put you in touch with charities if required. Ensuring your child is appropriately set up to complete school work from home will help to maintain education continuity for your child as much as possible.

How Much Is An Online Tutor?

Online tutoring can vary massively in price. As mentioned above, there are free online tutoring websites from TV companies; however, as with everything, you get precisely what you pay for.

Online tutoring will vary in price, with private 1-2-1 online tutors ranging from £20 to £60 per hour. However, with online tutoring, you do have more options. Virtual classrooms and group sessions, for example, can be a more affordable alternative compared with 1-2-1 online tutoring. However, these sessions aren’t as tailored to your child’s unique needs, with less individual attention from the tutor.

Online tutoring programmes, such as Tutorwiz’s Mathswiz and Englishwiz, are a fantastic option when looking to get the most value for your money, this is in the context of cost means consideration of the whole length of time you use Tutorwiz, a quality of service which is fit for purpose and sufficient to meet your’s and your child’s requirements but importantly, sustainability with regards the environmental benefits as there isn’t travelling to a tutoring center.

Tutorwiz combines an online learning platform with real-life tutor one on one support whenever your child gets stuck. A tutor is only ever a phone call away and will help your child with exactly what they need. Tutorwiz uses student assessments to design a lesson plan which is unique to your child’s strengths and weaknesses so that they are always receiving exceptional support exactly where they need it, no matter their age or ability.

Are Your Children Getting Distracted Learning At Home?

Another of the things we are hearing from parents is that children are getting distracted learning at home. Keeping your child engaged in their studies for longer is somewhat of a challenge. Children notoriously get distracted, and remote learning only adds to this.

Zoom classes aren’t keeping children engaged, and consequently, children are struggling to learn as much as they would at school.

That’s where a programme like Tutorwiz comes in. Tutorwiz’s Maths and Englishwiz programme not only helps to keep children engaged for longer, but the incentives programme also allows children to see value in their studies!

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What Can You Do To Make The Most Out Of Home Learning?

Home learning can be a struggle! All parents and students will be well aware of that now, but what can you do to keep up with school work and make the most out of home learning? Well, it may be worth looking beyond your school and seeing what extra support is out there.

Teachers are in the same boat as the rest of us. Not only are they going through the same lockdown struggles as we are, but they are also responsible for remote lessons for up to 30 kids at a time. Naturally, it will be a struggle for teachers to provide unique and individual support for every student in a class, and that’s where some extra help beyond your child’s remote classroom could be of benefit!

Whether you look for extra support in the form of a dedicated 1-2-1 tutor, an online learning programme which can keep your child engaged for longer, or a hybrid of the two, such as Tutorwiz’s maths and Englishwiz programme.

Tutorwiz is an online learning platform that combines interactive and engaging online learning activities with real-life tutor support whenever your child gets stuck. Catering to all school-aged children, KS1 to GCSE, Tutorwiz designs an individual lesson plan for every student so that they can receive targeted help exactly where it is needed!

Tutorwiz provides 1-2-1 tutor support at the end of the phone for every single student, so no matter the topic, their age, ability or what they need assistance with, real-life dedicated tutor support is only ever a phone call away!

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