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How Can Your Child Catch Up In Their Maths Studies? | Tutorwiz
How Can Your Child Catch Up In Their Maths Studies? | Tutorwiz

How Can Your Child Catch Up In Their Maths Studies?

How Can Your Child Catch Up In Their Maths Studies?

Maths has a reputation for being one of the most difficult school subjects for students to get to grips with. However, it is one of, if not the most vital subject to learn. The maths you learn throughout your school years will carry you throughout your adult life and helps you in all aspects of day-to-day living, whether at work, while cooking or even just while doing the shopping.

You may have once heard at school that you won’t always have a calculator with you and that’s why learning maths is so important. In the modern world, the reality is that you do always have a calculator in your back pocket in the form of your smartphone. However, that doesn’t negate the need to learn maths. You still need to know what to put into your calculator, what calculations and theorems are for and how to handle basic numbers.

Maths is one of the subjects it is most socially accepted to be bad at. Many students just accept that they aren’t good at maths and many parents inadvertently reinforce this, explaining children can’t be good at everything, what they lack in one subject they make up for in others, and the classic, maths is just a hard subject.

However, maths is a vital subject, and students need to understand basic maths from an early age properly. Strong foundations help set students up for a lifetime of success, which couldn’t be any more applicable than when it comes to mathematics.

Throughout this article, we will be looking at how you can help your child catch up in their maths studies, how long it takes to catch up, and where you can turn if your child requires some extra support in their maths studies.

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How Can Your Child Catch Up Fast In Maths?

Maths can be difficult, and the reality is that it will take some time for your child to catch up. In the busy age of the modern world, everybody wants things done quickly and fast. Everything these days is built around convenience and quick results, but not everything has a quick solution, particularly for your child’s maths studies.

Below we have compiled a list of some top tips for how your child can catch up in their maths studies as quickly as possible:

It Takes Time:

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and maths can’t be learnt in a day. As with most subjects, the key to catching up in maths is consistent practice. Regular maths practice helps to reinforce topics and problems and ensures that students properly understand. It would help if you thought of your child’s maths catch up as a long-term goal – there aren’t going to be any quick wins. Exams are a good example. Students can stay up all night revising before a maths exam, which may help them pass that one exam. But how much of that knowledge is retained a week later or even a couple of days later? Consistent practice and effort will ensure that your child properly catches up in their maths studies, setting them up for life beyond the classroom.

Work On The Basics:

There is no point going over more advanced maths topics if your child’s maths basics aren’t there. It is vital that you start from the bottom and work your way up, making sure that your child properly understands everything along the way. Focusing on what your child does and doesn’t know, what they remember and forget, will help build stable foundations. Basic addition and subtraction, long division and multiplication, fractions and decimals are all necessary for your child to excel in their maths studies moving forward. Making sure that the basics are in place will help your child to catch up and further themselves in their mathematics.

Build On What They Know:

Identifying what your child does and doesn’t already know will really help to assist your child in their maths catch up. When it comes to maths, topics are reoccurring. Each year students will cover the same or very similar topics, each year getting harder and harder: multiplication, subtraction, fractions, percentages, area, volume, algebra, number skills, probability etc. By building upon what your child already knows and increasing the difficulty incrementally, you can help your child to catch up and excel in their maths studies. As you build upon what your child already knows, be sure to go back over the basics to ensure they haven’t been forgotten.

Keep Calm:

One of the most important things when it comes to mathematics catch up is to make sure the student remains calm and positive. Children can get overwhelmed when they’re struggling with their maths. This creates a far from ideal environment for learning; when a student is overwhelmed, they are less likely to retain information. To prevent your child getting overwhelmed by their maths catch up, it is important to make the experience as positive as possible. This could include the use of interactive games and activities, breaking up study periods with short breaks, or simply approaching topics with real-life examples, e.g. measuring volumes for baking, using counting blocks for simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, or perhaps estimating shopping bills etc.

Seek Extra Support:

Maths is hard, but explaining maths to a student is even harder. That’s why extra support can be so valuable when it comes to maths catchup. You can seek extra support in the form of 1-2-1 tutoring, learning centres and even mobile/tablet games and apps, but by far one of the best ways to help students to catch up in their maths studies is through the use of an online tutoring programme. Online tutoring programmes such as Tutorwiz design personalised lesson plans to help children exactly where it is needed. Tutorwiz can help your child to catch up and excel in their maths studies, with all the convenience an online tutoring programme offers.

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How Long Does It Take To Catch Up In Maths?

There’s no quick fix when it comes to catching up in maths. Equally, there is no definitive answer to how long your child’s maths catch up will take. Every student is unique and of differing abilities. Some students may be able to catch up in the space of a school term, whereas some children may require maths catch up plans covering multiple terms or even year groups.

There is no one answer for how long it will take your child to catch up in maths – each student learns at a different pace and will have varying levels of ability.

Tutorwiz understands that no one child is the same and that maths catch up has to be personalised for each individual student’s needs. The Tutorwiz programme designs unique lesson plans for each and every student based on an in-depth assessment understanding your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Regular progress reports and updates are then used to ensure that your child is always receiving the most targeted maths catch up support possible! Find out more about the Tutorwiz programme…

How To Keep Up In Maths?

Once your child has caught up in their maths studies, it is important to keep it going. Catching up is one thing but keeping up with their maths studies is another. You don’t want to go through the struggle of catching up in maths just to not be able to keep up moving forward.

As with catching up, regular practice and revision is the key to keeping up. By keeping up with your maths studies regularly, you will continue to reinforce topics, building on your foundations. Remember to keep covering the basics so that these become second nature and continue to learn at your own pace. Taking the time to make sure that topics are properly understood will set your child up for a future of mathematics success.

If your child is looking to keep up with their maths studies beyond the classroom, then why not find out more about Tutorwiz. Tutorwiz is an online learning platform that helps students of all ages and abilities (KS1 – GCSE) to succeed in their maths studies. Personalised to each student’s unique needs, Tutorwiz designs a learning plan to help your child excel in their maths studies.

Tutorwiz will identify your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses and help to fill gaps and build upon what your child already knows. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what other parents have to say about Tutorwiz!

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