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How To Learn English Online? | Online English Learning | Tutorwiz
How To Learn English Online? | Online English Learning | Tutorwiz

How To Learn English Online?

How To Learn English Online?

Learning English can be challenging! Not only can the English language be nonsensical (in terms of pronunciation and using the same words for different meanings), but the English language also requires you to consistently practice. Regular practice is the only sure way to develop your English language skills and become proficient. 

But, in 2021 and the age of remote working, learning and just about everything else, how can you go about learning English online or remotely?  

Throughout this article, we will look at how you can learn English online, some of the best resources for online English learning, and where you can go if you are looking to learn English remotely! Read on to find out more…  

Why Learn English Online? Is It Effective?

In 2021, your reasons for learning English online are pretty obvious – we have to reduce in-person contact during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, there are plenty of other reasons and benefits for learning English online too 

Learning English online enables students to learn at their own pace and at a time and place which suits them. No having to travel or rearranging your schedule – all of your learning takes place at a time and place to suit you. The additional benefit of this is that students can study from an environment they are comfortable in, reducing stress or anxiety. By learning in a space where a student can relax and feel comfortable, they will be able to digest much more information and generally be able to learn better.  

Another benefit of learning English online is that you will usually have access to far superior resources. It wont just be textbooks and worksheets! By learning English online, you can access the very best resources available, helping you in your studies.  

Of course, there are some downsides to wanting to learn English online. You may not get the same level of support from a tutor or teacher compared to in-person learning, as is to be expected. Although your tutor will be available remotely, its not quite the same as having somebody there with you in person. Regardless, learning English online can be an incredibly effective way to learn the English language  

Can You Learn English Online For Free?  

When it comes to your English language studies, you can expect to get precisely what you pay for. And while there are some average free English learning resources out there, these cannot stand up against proper, more formal, tuition  

While private, 121 English tuition may be out of the question for many, due to budget constraints, there are plenty of more affordable options out there.  

TutorwizMaths & Englishwiz programme is an excellent option if you are looking for your child to learn English online. Tutorwizhybrid learning programme combines the best of both worlds, merging online activities, games, quizzes and more, with real-life tutor-support for whenever your child needs it. Your childtutor is only ever a phone call away so that your child can receive unique and targeted support at a fraction of the cost of a 1-2-1 private tutor. Tutorwizdedicated system has been helping students throughout the pandemic and for many years before that too!  

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What Is the Best Way To Learn English Online?  

By far, the most effective way to learn English online will be through 1-2-1 private tutor sessions. A private tutor will give the student all of the attention they require, identifying individual strengths and weaknesses so that the learner can receive the most targeted and appropriate support possible.  

However, not everybody can afford a private tutor’s support, especially with prices of up to £60 an hour. The good news is that private tuition isnt the only means of receiving exceptional support targeted around students’ individual strengths and weaknesses.  

Tutorwiz, much the same as a private 1-2-1 tutor, assesses a studentcurrent level of knowledge when they first enrol and design a unique lesson plan for each and every learner, supporting every student exactly where it is needed. Tuorwiz update lesson plans weekly, accounting for a student’s progress and new knowledge so that they are constantly receiving support, which helps them develop rather than going back over topics they already know.  

Where Can You Go To Learn English Online? What Are The Best Websites? 

If you are looking to learn English online but dont know where to get started, you have a few options. While there are some free English learning websites out there, nothing quite compares to real-life tutor support and guidance. However, it does come at a cost! 

Alternatively, you could look at a hybrid learning platform such as TutorwizsTutorwiz combines both worlds’ best, merging online workbooks and activities with a real-life tutor to help students learn English online. Four 20-minute Tutorwiz sessions a week can be as beneficial as 4 hours of traditional classroom teaching and at a fraction of the cost of a private tutor!  

If you would like to find out some more about the Tutorwiz programme and how it can be used to help you to learn English online, then please get in touch today. You can get in touch by using our contact form, by emailing us at or by calling us on 0800 181 4221, and a member of our helpful team will be happy to guide you! Discover the benefits of learning English online with Tutorwiz today…  

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