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Is Private Tutoring Worth It? | Tutorwiz

Is Private Tutoring Worth It?

Is Private Tutoring Worth It?

In today’s world, the academic success of children is of high priority for most parents. Most are looking for the best quality educational experiences for their children to help them get the best start in life and maximise their child’s future opportunities and chances of success. This desire for the best educational outcomes for their children has encouraged a competitive educational landscape, where importance is placed on being the top of the class, who can achieve the best exam results and ultimately how children compare with other students and peers the same age.

With parents competing to give their children the very best educational opportunities, it’s no wonder that private tutoring is more popular than ever. Private tuition now comes in many forms, whether that be 1-2-1 face-to-face tuition, attending a study center or making use of online tutoring strategies such as webcam tutoring or an online tutoring programme/platform.

Private tutoring allows for a more personalised approach to your child’s education. Through private tuition, students benefit from targeted support, focused around their individual strengths and weaknesses. This personalised approach to a child’s studies allows for quicker progress, better grades and improved confidence in their studies.

In this article we look into the increasing demand for private tuition, how private tuition can benefit students, how much private tuition costs and whether private tuition is really worth the money.


What Is Private Tutoring?

Private tutoring is a personalised approach to an individual’s studies, whereby a student receives tailored educational support from a tutor outside of the traditional classroom setting. Private tutoring can take many forms, whether that be group sessions after school, a 1-2-1 session with a private tutor at home, study centers or more commonly these days, online tuition.

Private tutoring is designed to supplement a student’s classroom learning and address the specific needs of an individual, by offering targeted attention and tailored teaching approaches around a student’s unique needs. Private tutoring covers a wide range of educational levels, from primary and secondary school subjects up to university-level courses and more.

Through private tutoring, individuals will typically work with a tutor who specialises in the subject you are working on. The tutor will help students to reinforce foundational concepts, fill knowledge gaps, clarify doubts and provide additional opportunities for practice. Private tutoring is usually flexible and adaptive, allowing for a personalised approach that aligns with a student’s individual learning style, focusses on their strengths and weaknesses and at a pace that suits them.

Private tutoring isn’t just used to support students with their school work. Private tutoring can also be used for exam preparation, to learn a new language or to master a new skill.

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What Are The Benefits Of Private Tutoring?

Private tutoring offers a range of benefits to students, not least the fact that attention can be focused around a student’s individual needs and requirements. Through private tuition, students benefit from a range of advantages that all contribute to academic success, personal development and a deeper understanding of specific subject matters. The benefits of private tutoring are wide ranging, but below we have listed some of the key advantages:

Personalised Attention: Through private tuition, learners benefit from a personalised approach to their studies. A private tutor has the time to focus on individual strengths and weaknesses and provide personalised teaching methods to help address gaps in knowledge and reinforce key concepts.

Access To Expertise: Private tutors are often experts in their respective subjects, bringing a wealth of knowledge and valuable experience to the learning process. This access to expertise often goes beyond what can be provided in a standard classroom setting.

Addressing Knowledge Gaps: Private tutoring is particularly effective for addressing knowledge gaps. Knowledge gaps can occur due to a wide range of reasons, for example poor educational foundations from previous school years. Private tutors will be able to identify and fill gaps in knowledge, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of specific topics.

Improved Study Skills: Private tuition goes beyond just improving within a specific subject; it also helps you to develop effective study habits and improve overall study skills.

Greater Confidence: The personalised support and positive reinforcement provided by a private tutor can help to boost a student’s overall confidence when it comes to their education. Success in overcoming challenges and understanding difficult topics helps to build confidence through a sense of achievement and empowerment.

Exam Preparation: Private tutoring is a valuable resource when it comes to exam preparation. Private tutors can help to guide students through what to expect from upcoming exams, practice previous exam papers and help alleviate any anxiety ahead of upcoming exams.

Learning New Skills: Through private tuition, the possibility to learn new skills is endless! Whether you want to learn a new language, perfect your creative writing skills or understand how to write code, private tutoring can help you to develop new skills.

In short, the benefits of private tutoring extend way beyond improved grades and results at school. Private tuition can change a student’s overall attitude towards education and learning, benefiting their long term academic and personal success.


When To Get A Private Tutor For Your Child?

Deciding when to get a private tutor for your child will depend on a range of factors and signals that may suggest additional support is required. Private tutoring isn’t always the right solution for every child and it’s worth exploring other options as well, for example what can be provided by your child’s school.

If however, you are finding that your child is struggling at school or displaying signs of poor performance, then now might be the time to explore private tuition. Private tutoring is perfect for students who are falling behind or need some extra help, as targeted support can be provided focused around your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

Private tutoring is also perfect ahead of upcoming exams or for those who require some extra support with homework or coursework. The additional support a private tutor can provide for your child beyond the classroom is highly valuable and can help students to maximise their chances of success.

Private tuition can also be a good solution for students who are struggling in their education due to special educational needs or a lack of confidence. A private tutor can help students to overcome barriers they face in their education, giving them the confidence to succeed.

Ultimately, the decision of when to get a private tutor for your child is something you have to decide as a parent. If your child needs extra support, is preparing for upcoming exams or you simply want the best for your child, then now is a good time to explore private tuition for your child.


How Much Does Private Tutoring Cost?

Private tutoring will vary greatly in price depending on the type of private tuition you choose. A 1-2-1 private home tutor will cost in the region of £30-£50 an hour in the UK but can be as much as £80 per hour. Attending group sessions or a study center will be cheaper but is still an expensive approach to ensuring educational success for your child.

By far one of the most cost-effective private tutoring options is to use an online tutoring platform such as Tutorwiz. Through Tutorwiz your child has access to unlimited weekly learning resources with the added benefit of private tutor support (via phonecall or whiteboard screenshare technology) whenever it’s required. An online tutoring programme like Tutorwiz costs a fraction of what an in-person private tutor will cost. In fact, 1 week with a programme like Tutorwiz typically costs less than the average cost of 1 hour with a 1-2-1 private tutor. With online tutoring being just as effective and sometimes more effective than working with a private tutor in person, it makes for an incredibly affordable private tutoring solution for your family.

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So, Is Private Tutoring Worth The Money?

The question of whether private tutoring is worth the money is very much dependent on yours and your family’s individual situation. You should consider factors such as your family’s educational needs, learning styles and financial situation to determine whether private tutoring is worth the money for you.

Private tutoring has various benefits, whether that be more personalised attention, expert support or improved study skills, but not everyone will be able to afford expensive in-person tuition. For those not in a position to pay £30-£50 an hour for an in-person private tutor, exploring alternative private tuition resources, such as online tutoring, may be of more value to you, helping your family to achieve academic success without the added expense.

If you are looking for an affordable private tutoring solution for your family then look no further than Tutorwiz. Tutorwiz is the online tutoring programme that combines engaging and interactive online educational resources with real life tutor support whenever it’s required. Private, 1-2-1 tutor support is only ever a phone call away for when your child get stuck on a topic or needs further explanation. This hybrid approach to private tuition enables Tutorwiz to keep the cost of private tutoring as little as possible, making private tuition accessible for all families, not just those who are best off.

To find out more information about Tutorwiz’s private tutoring programme and how it makes for one of the most affordable private tuition options, then please get in touch today. You can get in touch by using our contact form, by emailing us at or by calling us on 0800 181 4221, and a member of our team will be happy to explain more.

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